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    Week One Summary

    Wow! I made it through week one! What a busy week this has been. The only thing that was completely new, was creating Soundcloud. I really enjoy using Domain! I will probably end changing the theme and editing it a bit more, I am not super happy with the way it looks now. I think that creating Youtube videos will be the most challenging. I have done some editing in the past, but I am not confident at all being on a screen! To add to that, Soudcloud will also be difficult for me. I feel extremely awkward recording myself talking. This week I learned how to embed which I…

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    Secret Agent 106

    James Bond, Jason Bourne, Burt Macklin, Kim Possible, Agent Cody Banks and, well, Faith Martino! These are just a few secret agents that come to mind. And now, I am one of them! This theme is fulling a childhood fantasy of being a secret agent. All I need is an undercover name! I believe that with this theme we have the potential to create new identities for ourselves; we may even like our secret agent side! I am excited to see how each of us use this theme to create content in the digital world. It will be interesting to watch how we all tell our stories undercover!