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    If I had all the Money

    My Dream Vacation What would I do if I had all the money in the world?? Well.. I start by paying off my car loan, then pay for my masters program. Then I would be super selfish! I would take my love and go on a year long vacation! Greece is the country I would travel to. I would immerse myself into the culture and do my best to learn the language. Throughout the year of vacation, I would sight see the major landmarks of the country, but I would also go off the beaten path to small villages. My goal would be to learn as much about the entire…

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    And The Tail Began

    My Process First, I had to decide on a myth to tell a story using gifs for this assignment. Once I had figured out the story I was going to tell, I looked it up online to make sure I did not forget anything. I then used Giphy to look up the different gifs to use. Can you guess the story? Need any hints?

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    Endless Summers

    How does one simply get rid of a run down boat and make some money? You lie. It will work, because people will definitely not catch on. First you find a website that will allow you to post anything. Then you make up some crazy story that seems totally realistic. But.. you have to post the pictures of the actual boat, otherwise people might be a little suspicious when they show up. Now all you have to do is wait. Wait for someone to respond to your post. Wait. It will work. Original Page Edited Page I chose to create a Craigslist post for this assignment. Throughout the past, I…

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    Map of Grey’s Anatomy

    https://kumu.io/fmartino/greys-anatomy-characters#map-xr19NAsj For this assignment, I chose to map out the major characters of the famous Grey’s Anatomy. I decided to connect the characters based on blood relatives, spouses, children, lovers and friends. I started by entering each character at a time and connecting them as I went along. This was a longer process than I anticipated. all the characters are connected in some way which made the mapping difficult. I enjoyed putting this together and digging deeper to find how everyone was connected.

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    Weekly Assignments

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/f454f63e14/which-greys-anatomy-intern-are-you-85h16zv5yl I am not sure why, but it would not let me embed the website into my blog. I have recently been on a Grey’s Anatomy kick and decided to make the quiz on the characters. https://www.pinterest.com/faithmartino/my-dream-vacation/ Greece. I have been there once and stayed for five months. I was there for work and was not able to explore much. I would love to be able to explore through all the non tourist spots.

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    My First Book

    For this assignment, I did quite a bite of planning before putting it all together. I looked through many different types of pictures to put on the cover. I finally made up my mind with this one; I loved the way it outlined a natural woman’s body. Then I found a blank book through Google image. I used Photoshop to put it all together. First, I used the Lasso Tool to cut out the body. I wanted to have the a curvy edge around woman’s body. Then using the Text Tool, I wrote the title of the book. So without further ado, I introduce my first book!

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    My Motivation

    For this assignment, I used Photoshop throughout the entire process. I started by looking for motivating picture through Google. Once I found one I was happy with, I edited the lighting in the background picture. I then used the Text Tool to write the poster. It seemed unfinished, so I added the vertical bar at the end of the words. I actually really love the way this poster looks!

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    All the Information

    I realized through this assignment that I need to work more on my character and developing who she is. I started by reviewing all of my information that I have written about Kira Villiani and collected her keywords. Using Word Clouds, I went through quite a few different designs. I even tried to get the words to make a K, but it did not work. I then chose the color scheme and the background format. To be honest, I am not super happy with the way it turned out.

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    What’s in a name?

    For this assignment, I chose to use my character’s name to create her logo. Using Cool Letters, I started the by looking through all the background options. There were a few that I was torn between but ended up going with beautiful one. I then went through the font styles and decided on a pirate looking one; I thought the contrast went really well with the background. Once I had completed these last few steps, I went through the color options for the lettering, the shadowing and the width of the bordering for the name. Then I was finished! I really love the way it turned out!

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    Lousy Job

    Kira Villiani had been watching him for days. Following his every move. Studying his interactions. Memorizing his schedule. She was bored. He was not an interesting man. Just a lousy professor as a lousy university. Why had she even taken the job? It wasn’t like she got to kill, fight or torture anyone. But finally the night had come. It was time. Kira waited for him to leave his office so make the move. Dressed as a lousy college student, she blended in perfectly. This was so easy. Just walking right into the building, through the main entrance, down the hall, up the stairs and… right into the department. Perfect!…