Stories through the lens

My journey through photography

I love taking pictures! I love telling stories through them! But I do not have much experience with photography. I use my phone and my Polaroid camera to capture moments. Mainly of people, nature and animals. Recently I have been thinking that I wish I took more pictures with me in them. I have tons of pictures of others in the moment, but barely any with me in the moment. That is something I will work on remembering. Each element of an image tells a story. It could be as simple as an ants journey to the success of a hiker climbing Mt. Everest. Images shows emotions, reflections, journeys and so much more

Analyzing Photography

Maybe Viola isn’t a secret agent, but she is undercover. I chose this still shot from She’s The Man because I believe that it has many points from the articles we studied. Selection, depth, balance, moment, lighting and attention to foreground/background.

Selection: the editors focused in on Viola for this important phone scene.

Depth: this photo shows a far background, and the openness of landscape.

Balance: this scene does a great job of drawing attention to the main character.

Moment: what will happened after the phone call? Why is the call important? I love how the editors slow down for this moment.

Lighting: It was a sunny day in the still, yet the film has great lighting.

Foreground/background: this still is focused near.

I do not feel super comfortable analyzing photography yet. But through this week, I have learned quite a bit. I have been working on slowing down and being pickier with what I capture. I have played around with lighting and foreground/background. It is interesting to take a close up photo, but focusing on the background. I did not realize the thought process of capturing an image until this week.

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