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    Lousy Job

    Kira Villiani had been watching him for days. Following his every move. Studying his interactions. Memorizing his schedule. She was bored. He was not an interesting man. Just a lousy professor as a lousy university. Why had she even taken the job? It wasn’t like she got to kill, fight or torture anyone. But finally the night had come. It was time. Kira waited for him to leave his office so make the move. Dressed as a lousy college student, she blended in perfectly. This was so easy. Just walking right into the building, through the main entrance, down the hall, up the stairs and… right into the department. Perfect!…

  • PhotographyWeek,  Weekly Assignments

    The Martino Bunch

    This visual assignment was a ton of fun! I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and when I saw this as an option, I just could not pass it up! This is not even my entire family! Not all of my siblings wanted to be apart.. so silly! And if you add in my missing siblings and spouses we total thirteen. Plus the dogs make it a total of sixteen! I used befunky again to create this collage. It is quite a useful site! Some of these pictures are ones I have taken in the past, and some are ones I took this week.

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    Little Rosie Gallery

    This is my little snuggle muffin! <3 She is the sweetest baby! But also a stinker. She likes chew on the baseboards and go through the trash. But she also loves to dance with you and play ball! For the assignment I practiced using different settings on my iPhone 8+. I absolutely LOVE the portrait mode! For the collage, I used befunky collage maker and chose one of their present layouts. There is quite a lot you can do with this site, but you have to pay for all the perks.. which I did not do.

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    The Secret to My Stress

    This Visual Assignment was perfect for me because, to be quite frank, I am stressed. I am back as a full time student after taking about two years off to figure out my life. The time that I took off was extremely helpful for me. I was able to find the career path that my life is meant to go down. Transitioning from no school to 15 credits is a huge adjustment! But for the first time in my life, I am in school with a purpose! And it makes a huge difference. I chose to go with the #secretagent theme for this assignment because that is an extremely stressful…