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My favorite #typography #ds106 #designblitz

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Typography is a form of design that arranges typed words into an art form. For this beautiful picture above, the artist used the quote “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” to create a poster of Aubrey Hepburn. This worked extremely well because it used the art form and her own quote to make the piece.

Dominance is the focal point of an image. The entire photograph above scrams dominance. But her eyes are the dominant element.

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Our #colors 🇺🇸 #ds106 #designblitz

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Colors are a huge part of peoples lives. They hold meaning and tell stories. These colors above represent America and everything that we stand for as a country.

Minimalism is a beautiful art form. This book above is a perfect example of how an extremely simple design can stand out so much.

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