Kira Villiani

Kira was born in Portofino, Italy and was abandoned as an infant. The only connection she had to her past was a gold locket that was left in her basket as a baby. She grew up in an orphanage along the coast in the village. There she was raised by Mrs. Alfonsi, the old woman who ran the orphanage. She was a kind old lady who cared deeply for the children of the orphanage. But Kira was too lost.  When she was ten years old, she ran away and would move from town to town working as she went. After about five years of moving around, Kira joined a gang in Milan. During her time with the gang, she became known as the best shooters and fighters. When Kira was twenty, she was taken by Cosmos Myth. An agency that has assassins for hire. She has worked there ever since. Kira is the best agent that Cosmos Myth has. She does not love anyone or anything, but if she did, she would love her job.

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