Thoughts on Design

Design. How does one define that simple word? In another life, I think that I would want to be a Graphic Designer. I looked at two articles this week that analyzed design.

The first article was written by Massimo Vignelli titled The Vignelli Canon. It goes through the principles of design. This article was extremely helpful and important to the design world. Some of the principles he talks about are syntactic, pragmatic and semantic. He writes that syntactic is what makes up your design. Pragmatic is seeing if the design is done and if people will understand it. Semantic is knowing everything you can about your design.

The second reading was A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Designer Chip Kidd. I loved the way this article was written. He writes on attention to detail and how important that is. I really appreciated how blunt his style of writing was.

What makes a poster look like a poster? I had never thought about this before, but there are so many different kinds of posters. A poster is showing something off. What makes a book cover look like a book cover? If you take away the typography on the front of the book, it is just another photo. But there is so much more; it must draw you in and tell you something that is happening inside on those pages.How does your work this week build on what you did in the previous weeks? Design is incorporated in everything thing that is done. It is not only used for producing something.

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