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Lousy Job

Kira Villiani had been watching him for days. Following his every move. Studying his interactions. Memorizing his schedule. She was bored. He was not an interesting man. Just a lousy professor as a lousy university. Why had she even taken the job? It wasn’t like she got to kill, fight or torture anyone. But finally the night had come. It was time.

Kira waited for him to leave his office so make the move. Dressed as a lousy college student, she blended in perfectly. This was so easy. Just walking right into the building, through the main entrance, down the hall, up the stairs and… right into the department. Perfect! Everyone was gone for the day. The lock on his door was a simple one; it took only six seconds to break. Now, on to the file cabinet. It took a little longer, ten seconds, to break. Well that was easy.

She wondered why they needed this file and what about this lousy professor was so important. But money is money. Kira locked the door as she left. Ran down the stairs.

Walked through the hall and out the main entrance. Seriously? Who would pay a million for one tiny file? And if it was so important, why would a lousy professor keep it in an unguarded file cabinet? Oh well, her job was done. Now she never had to come back to that lousy campus. Kira could finally go home.

Before checking to see if there was another job offer, she played her piano. One of the only skills she had kept from the orphanage in Italy. Then finished the night with her favorite; peppermint tea and biscotti.

For this assignment, I chose to tell a story of my character. I used pictures from my own home and from the campus of UMW.

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