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God is a Woman

There are many people that I deeply admire and who inspire me. But the woman who inspires me the most, is Emmeline Pankhurst. She was a woman’s suffrage activist who lived from 1858-1928. Her life was filled with endless acts of selflessness towards women. She founded the Women’s Franchise League which was responsible for securing married women to have to right to vote in Britain and the Married Women Property Acts.

“Trust in God – she will provide.”

One of my favorite quotes from Emmeline

I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be Emmeline. To live in a world where women were not human enough to have the right to vote, or even own property. She fought to change the status quo and it could not have been easy for her. Most of her work was done in England, but she helped start the domino effect of the fight against women’s suffrage. Emmeline did not have easy goals that she set for herself, but she worked hard to accomplish them. She is such an inspiration to me to continue to work for my goals! So many strong women have fought so extremely hard for me, I have no excuse to not to work hard as well. Maybe I am not a public figure, or run a nonprofit and maybe I am not a politician but I can still influence and make a difference wherever I am in life.

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