Weekly Assignments

Little Rosie

The people I live with call me Little Rosie, so I suppose that is my name. There are three people I live with; my mommy, my daddy and my aunty. But my daddy is away on a very important mission. Some things you might want to know about me. One, something is attached to my butt. I do not know what it is, but it is fun to chase and chew on. Two, I really like to eat and chew on plastic things around the house. It makes my family mad and I think it’s funny. Three, my favorite thing of all time is having my neck scratched. And four, I am a secret agent working for my mommy.

Surveilling Headquarters

My days are filled with very important secret agent tasks. First, I do surveillance around Headquarters by walking around my block sniffing everything and marking our territory. While my mommy and aunty get ready to go to their undercover work, I eat my sustenance for the day. I then keep an eye out for them while they eat their sustenance. Both mommy and my aunty leave for their secret assignments around the same time. It is me, Little Rosie, who has the most important job. Guard Headquarters.

Throughout the day there are many dangers I must fight off. Since we send messages to other secret agents, I have to make sure I watch for the message man who takes our messages and bring us new ones. When he comes, I let him know that all is well and he can do his job. If I am not there, then he will think something bad happen and will not leave our new messages.

Watching for the message man

Pretty soon after that, my mommy comes home. We go on a surveillance walk to make sure that we have not been found out yet. Sometimes mommy has to run errands which means that I am back on guard duty. It is always a long day, but I know my mommy and aunty have long days too. My aunty gets home later, normally after dinner. She then has a ton of paper work to do. My mommy needs a lot of sleep for her long days, so she goes to bed while aunty keeps working. I help her by guarding her so that she does not have to worry about the bad guys finding us. It is hard to keep up my energy, but it’s the life of a secret agent.

Guarding aunty

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