Weekly Assignments

My Amazing Grandmother

For this assignment, I chose to write my grandmother a letter. She grew up in Texas and has so many amazing stories about her childhood and family. Granny had four children of her own, my mother included. She has nineteen blood grandchildren with a total of twenty-five with spouses and five great grandchildren. Granny’s life has been so fascinating. She has traveled so many places and met so many people. She had to raise her children while her husband was away at war with little to no communication yet somehow she has always stayed positive. This woman is one of the most amazing people I know. And I am extremely blessed to have her as my grandmother.


  • Christiana Meyers

    Wow I love this assignment and how you chose to write to your grandmother! I think its so interesting because with grandparents, writing letters and postcards was a big form of communication and storytelling. Nowadays, and as seen with our class, storytelling and communication, in general, has shifted to focus much more on technology. I love the idea of going back in time almost and writing a letter!

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