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Sunflower from My Past

I love tattoos! If I had more money I would be covered in tattoos, that is why I chose this Design Assignment. Sunflowers have been my favorite flower since I can remember. When I was very young, my mom let me plant my own sunflower garden. So I picked out the super tall seeds because I wanted to make a sunflower fort only for me (I have a big family, so having my own space was super exciting)! And it worked! It took a long time for them to grow to the correct height, but I was able to tie the flower heads together for my fort. It made a sort-of tee-pee shape, it was perfect! When I graduate in May, I am planning of getting one of these versions!

For the process, I found a drawing of a sunflower then added a few more details. I then played around with photoshop, changing colors and styles. I am not experienced with photoshop, so it was a huge learning experience for me! I am not sure why, but for some reason I really struggled getting the green shade that I wanted. But I am still happy with the way they turned out! Do you guys have a favorite? Which variation should I get? Comment your vote!



  • Christina

    This is a really cool assignment! I certainly want to try this in the future. I love the idea of your sunflower and the meaning behind it. I think the first photo is my favorite because it almost looks as if the color in the sunflower is growing up and into it. It almost creates this idea of blooming and evolving into yourself.

    • admin

      Thanks for the vote! I thought out this after I finished the assignment, but do you think it would look good completely colored in?

      • Christina

        I think it would look good not completely colored in. I kind of like how different it looks with just a splash of color. However completely colored in would look good too!

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