Weekly Assignments

The Woman I am Working to be

I chose to do this Web Assignment because I absolutely LOVE designing and decorating homes! Maybe in a past life I was an interior decorator. I basically live on Pinterest, so this assignment gave me so much excitement! My dream rooms tells the story of who I am working to be. A strong, creative and intelligent woman. I am working hard on my goals and making great strides. And that is why I chose this assignment; it is a great reminder of what I am working towards.

My color pallet would be one of the two: grey, white, navy blue/teal and yellow… or grey, peach and gold. If I went with the yellow, sunflowers are my favorite! I also love astrology, so I would incorporate moons, suns and stars as well. And lots of bookshelves for my huge collection! There would also be string lights throughout because they are magical. I started by just searching these color pallets on Pinterest. There are so many amazing ideas! I will be continuing to add to my board so that when I have my own space so I can actually follow through. Which color pallet should I chose? Help!


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