Weekly Summary

Week Two Summary

This was such an exciting week! I learned quite a lot and was able to meet so many people by reading posts. Looking ahead at the coming weeks, I think I am most excited about Week 4: Photography, Week 6: Design and Week 9: Web storytelling. I really enjoyed customizing my blog site! At first I was not sure how I wanted it to look like. I went through quite a few themes before choosing Ashe! I was going to try and go with darker colors and an undercover theme, but I was not happy with my blog when I had that. As I am sure you all can tell by now that I love sunflowers.. they make me so happy! So I went with a sunny atheistic, mirroring my personality. I am still trying to figure out the menus. I would like to add a few for better organization.

Weekly Assignments

The three weekly assignments a chose were extremely fun to complete! They definitely pushed my knowledge of digital storytelling, which made me even more excited for the rest of the semester. I was able to explore Photoshop more than I ever had in my entire life, and I love it!

Web Assignment: https://ds106.faithmartino.com/weekly-assignments/the-woman-i-am-working-to-be/

Visual Assignment: https://ds106.faithmartino.com/weekly-assignments/the-secret-to-my-stress/

Design Assignment: https://ds106.faithmartino.com/weekly-assignments/sunflower-from-my-past/

Daily Creates
Daily Create #1: Best student ever!
Daily Create #2: Such a great gif!
Daily Create #3: I am super artistic. Can’t you tell?
Daily Create #4: I really enjoyed looking for an an object to take a close up picture of!

I really enjoy looking at everyone’s work and reading my classmates blogs! It was interesting to try and keep up with this portion. I felt like I kept getting lost on the website’s main page, not remembering how far I had scrolled down or who’s blog I had looked at. Also, I was not sure the best way to put all of my comments in this blog post. Was I supposed to save all of them? Maybe next week I will create my summary post in the beginning of the week and put all the links in it as I comment. Also, do I need to add all my participation? Should I be adding my Twitter and Instagram comments as well? I ended up not adding any, so we will see how next week goes.

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